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Camel Hugger, a travel agency started from a lover of nature in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the love and ambition to discover¬† its places turned into reality in 2015. We used to usually make short trips with those close to us, and whenever they returned home, they would tell us about their desire to experience another trip with us to a unique place. We have been keen to add essential points of interests in our journeys. The Trips of Camel Hugger began by illustrating the Kingdom’s beauty represented by the desert, golden sands, and camels, with that urge, the idea became an agency. I hope that Camel Hugger Tours will be the first choice to experience your first trip to the Kingdom. Whether it is a city trip, camping trip, a mountain trail trip, activity cruises, or whatever you desire to discover our beloved regions.

Muhammad Nizar Omar Abdulaziz Al-Ali