Camelhugger Tours covers Saudi Arabia’s major cities and regions. Saudi Arabia has 13 different areas. Each part has it is own preserved norms and habits. The Tabuk region is home to some of the jewels of Saudi Arabia, both natural and historical. Riyadh Province The capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the geographical, historical, political, and economic background with rich details of how the kingdom come to exist. Qassim Province is named after the word qassimah, referring to qassa’m al-ghadha meaning the region’s sand dunes where the white saxaul trees grow. Najran Region is a land between two worlds. Makkah Province is the most populous one in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is crossed by the Hejaz Mountains, which are part of the wider range of Sarawat that runs from Yemen until Jordan. The Province of Madinah gathers together all the wonders that Saudi Arabia offers, most notably the places of spirituality with the Holy City of Madinah. Jizan Province is like no other in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hail Province is well known for the generosity of its people in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world as it is the place where Hatim al-Tai lived, a famous Arab poet and one of the characters of the 1001 Nights. Eastern Province is the largest of the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia, but it also hosts two of its most iconic features: the largest sand dune desert in the world, the Rub’ Al-Khali, and the largest oil field in the world, Ghawar. Aseer Province, named after the eponymous tribe, is one of the Saudi Arabian provinces crossed by the Sarawat mountains – the majestic massif spreading throughout the whole country along the Rea Seashore from the border with Jordan down to Yemen. As a zone where Mediterranean and Asiatic cultures came into contact, the al Jawf Region is crucial for the history of Arabia and the ancient Near East. The region contains many archaeological sites from different eras stretching from the Paleolithic to the 19th century. Al-Bahah is one of those few Saudi Provinces whose landscapes break all the stereotypes of Saudi Arabia, which is often seen as an endless sand dunes desert.

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