Our life is busier than ever. From early morning to evening, stress occupies most of daily life. Walking for long distances reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels, resulting in a calming effect that can only be provided by mother nature and hiking. It increases its output over the benefits of indoor exercise. Exploring nature reduces what psychologists call rumination, which are frequent negative thought patterns that urge us to obstruct closed thinking, identify weaknesses, and reinforce the human being’s negative side by repeating the thoughts and moments that we put much effort in to forget.

Such as failing in a moment, falling into disappointing situations, or thinking about everything that we believe is wrong in our life. Never underestimate the “happiness effect” of being out in nature. As well as one of the benefits of walking or climbing on uneven terrain, energy consumption is 28% more than walking on flat ground. Also, do not forget that by moving away from modernity, you remove all urban stimuli that we are exposed to throughout the day and right before bed, such as cell phones, computers, and televisions. The result is a night of better and deeper sleep.


In camel hugger, we adore hiking trips. As they are our most frequent trips, we begin to get familiar with the surroundings we are faced with. We tend to explore places around Saudi Arabia that include the beautiful golden sands, like the many deserts. We usually also go to historical sites like the Wahbah Crater. The Wahbah Crater is a volcanic crater, which is about 250 kilometres away from Ta’if in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia. Besides that we also explore many other regions that deserve all our attention. These places require a lot of care and respect. Therefore we do not disrupt any wildlife by throwing trash in their environments.