Snorkeling at the Red Sea is one of those awesome activities that anybody can do! All you have to do is Grab a mask and a snorkel, and kick around with your fins to experience the amazing underwater ecosystem the Red sea has to offer. Snorkeling makes it easy to see the marine life dwelling below. Snorkeling allows the individual to explore the underwater world and its’ benefits. Some campers even challenge themselves to practice underwater photography or advance their free-diving skills. 

At Red Sea, you are guaranteed to have fun and see some of our favorite critters in our red sea reefs, like the Umluj beach, Alrais Beach and so many other locations that we are confident that you will be satisfied joining our water activities trips. We provide many activities  such as, snorkeling, kayaking, jet-skiing, and ever cruise trips on boats.  

There are basic pieces of gear that are needed to actively participate in this sport and it includes a mask, snorkel and fins. As simple as this sounds, it is easy to be quickly overwhelmed with the wide variety of styles and the various bells and whistles associated with each specific item.

This is why we are here! To prepare you and organize everything for you, so you are able to enjoy the activities to their fullest. All you need to do is contact us for booking, providing us with specifics on which activity you would like to participate in. For example, if you are willing to go on a cruise trip on the boat, you will need to specify wether you want this activity to last half or full day, and wether you would like to be provided with full-course meals. Of course depending on your choices the prices will vary. However it is guaranteed that you will enjoy this day to the fullest and possibly learn many new things.