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Hiking Trips


Explore Saudi Arabia – Wadagan Trip



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Please find yourself here with some extra information useful to read and to take a note about it and the elements that will be associated with it.

Quick Facts:

  1. Hiking Level ranged from Upper Medium to Hard level
  2. Hiking time 1 – 2 hours down reaching canyon and repeatedly to ride out cars back
  3. Nature range from Desert to canyon
  4. Sports range from walking-Hiking-swimming in fresh rainwater
  5. Locals call it Wadi Wadagan (Octopus) Valley as it shaped like Octopus
  6. Located 190 Km from Jeddah – 2 hours Driving
  7. 110 Km from Thuwal – 1:30 Driving

To qualify:

  1. Able to walk long distances
  2. Proper Hiking gear
    • Hiking sticks preferable two – one is mandatory
    • Hiking Hat
    • Hiking pair of shoes
    • Tent and sleeping bag
  3. Have a four by four vehicle

Don’t have Trip Tools, don’t worry; we got you!

  1. Tent for rent at 70 SR
  2. A car seat can be arranged at 150 SR per seat
  3. Hiking tools rent 30 SR
  4. A sleeping bag can be bought at 100 SR

Foot Note:

  1. Children Below 12 Y Not Allowed

Our Team named this valley after (Octopus) as it looked from Google earth as an Octopus. A beautiful path to explore for adventures and hikers and nature lovers, ancient palm plantations, and traces of (caravan) trails.

Looking forward to meeting you on board!



Every– Thursday (First Day)

Assembly Point TBC once confirmed booking made
18:30 Reaching the Camping point
21:45 Serve Dinner Saudi style, relaxed atmosphere in a       ” Twilight Night.”
23:00 The maximum time to get yourself comfy before sleep

Every – Friday (Second Day)

06:00 – 07:00 Light Breakfast, Coffee, Tea
07:30 – 9:30  



Walking on a flat path reaching the mountain cliff and start Hiking down to the bottom of the valley. Heading towards a very narrow area between the two sides of the canyon where the water gathered and reforming perfect environment nature and creating a nice spot of a freshwater pool that suites free swimmer and sunbath lovers are two sides.
10:00 – 13:00 Resting & exploring the nature sight, shooting pictures
13:30 – 14:30 Serve Lunch, chicken or meat with Rice (Kabsah)
15:00 – 15:30    Rapping Up and getting ready for the second Hike

Back to the vehicle

17:30 – 18:30 Nice view to the canyon from the top and watching magnificent sunset view
19:00 Heading back (HOME SWEET HOME)



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